Various Ways to Make Money from the Internet

Various Ways to Make Money from the Internet - Maybe for some people there are still many who do not know how to get money through the internet, aka online work. To get money from the internet, it can be said that it is difficult and easy, and it depends on how consistently we pursue the work, even if you want to make money from the internet you must consistently make unique and creative things and also have strong commitments, if not then the results will not match what will be expected. If you are ready to want to earn money from the internet, I will show you the things you can do to successfully make money online

Here is a ways to make money from the internet

Various Ways to Make Money from the Internet

1. Become a Blogger

Blogger is an online job that is very easy and fun, especially for someone who likes to write. because being a blogger we only need to make a unique and interesting article content to read, because if we already have a blog that has many visitors then we can make money by renting out advertising on our blog such as following adsense, affiliate programs, and content placement.

But to create a quality blog and be able to bring in many visitors is a difficult thing because you have to be smart in determining keywords and also have to be consistent in posting quality articles
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2. Become a Youtuber
Unlike a blogger, if a blogger is required to create content in the form of an article, a blogger is required to create video content.

To become a youtuber in need of capital that can be said is not small because to create quality content you must have a camera to make the process of shooting, a computer or laptop with special specifications for editing video results and also other properties as a complement.

To get money from YouTube, youtubers usually get it from the Google Adsense YouTube program, reviewing items with certain brands and many more.

3. Selling Online
The longer the world of technology develops rapidly, even the impact can affect the world of marketing.

Thus we can sell goods easily via the internet even we can also make transactions via the internet. By selling on the internet we can also market our products throughout the world, so that we can save on marketing costs.

The sites for selling online that you can try are like OLX, Tokopedia, and Bukalapak, or you can also sell online through your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram

4. Become a Dropshipping (Dropshipper) Agent
Being a Dropshipping Agent or commonly referred to as a dropshipper is selling someone else's product on behalf of our store, so we only need to sell goods online and if there is a buyer they directly pay us then we transfer our money to the goods owner to send it to the buyer on behalf our online store.

This method is the most powerful way to get free money on the internet without capital at all.
  1. You sell online through your Instagram account by posting a catalog of photos from the agents you work with
  2. then there are customers who want to buy your product and transfer the money to you
  3. after that you receive money from your customers and then you order your customers' items at the agents who have worked with you
  4. That way you can determine the amount of profit you will get yourself

5. Following the Affiliate Program
For internet marketers, of course they already know this and are foreign to them. Following an affiliate program is something that is very profitable for internet marketers and the way it can be said is very easy, because the way affiliate programs work is very easy, we only need to register affiliate program then we will get a link for us to install on our blog or social media and if there is a customer who buys a product or uses affiliate services through our link then we will get a commission that has been determined by the owner of the affiliate program.

So the short explanation is that we are like salespeople, brokers or brokers who are looking for customers through the online world.
  1. We register to become an affiliate member in the company in the property field then we are given a special link
  2. then we put it on a blog or social media
  3. then a sale and purchase agreement occurs between buyers and sellers
  4. after that we will automatically get a commission that has been determined by the company you are following

6. Selling Blog Templates and Plug In
This business might be more suitable for programmers or coding lovers for website developers, the longer the business has penetrated the online world, whether it's selling goods or renting a service so business owners compete to develop their business through cyberspace, with so this is where we come by selling a template or plug in that is needed by the business owner

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